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Ways to Save

Coupons.com Branding
Coupons.com is a great starting point for newbie “couponers” and offers printable, save-to-card, and coupon codes for e-commerce. Almost all coupons can be printed twice after installing the Coupons.com software (safe and easy installation) from each computer you own.

Checkout 51 Offers
Checkout51 is a free app that offers rebates on select products you buy each week from any store. New offers start on Thursday and run through Wednesday. If you see an offer you want, buy it (almost) anywhere and snap a picture of the receipt to receive the rebate. Funds are disbursed upon request after you reach $20 via a mailed check.

image of ibotta branding
Ibotta is a free app that pays you for everyday purchases at select stores. “Unlock” rebates by watching videos, taking one question polls, and learning facts about the goods you buy all the time. Ibotta will mail you a check upon request when your savings reach $20. Find deals and submit receipts via their mobile app after creating an account online.

Where to Shop

I prefer to frequent CVS, Target, & Walgreens to do most of my shopping, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get good deals elsewhere. Sometimes I’ll just bring a couple coupons down to my local grocery store and save a few dollars here and there. It’s not always about getting the product at the lowest price, you also have to factor in convenience and the cost of getting there. For instance, I used to drive across town to Target for single items - this is obviously a problem since it probably was costing me more to get there in gas than I was actually saving on the product.

Regardless of where you shop, if you’re going to be there regularly, you should absolutely get familiar with the store’s coupon policy. You can typically find this on the store’s website or by asking for a copy of it from the store manager.

CVS Coupon Policy

Target Coupon Policy

Walgreens Coupon Policy

Each of the three stores listed above has different programs that are designed to save you money but also track your purchases:

CVS uses ExtraCare
Select purchases earn money back paid via ExtraCare Bucks

Walgreens uses Balance Rewards
Select purchases earn money back paid via Register Reward

Target uses Cartwheel
See more on our Target Cartwheel page

Stock Up Price

I am frequently asked “What’s a good price for [insert product]?”

When you begin to spend more time looking for good deals, you start to develop key price points that you’re looking to decide if/when you make purchases. When a product reaches a certain price point (with your coupons and/or other savings method), then you should try to stock up on the item. Typically, this is between 50-75% off the normal price. I’ve compiled a few price points below that I look for when I’m trying to stock up on something:

Personal Care

Toothpaste: Free
Mouthwash: Free
Deodorant: $1/stick
Body Wash: $1/bottle
Hair Spray: $1/bottle
Razors: $2/per


Laundry Detergent (1.5L Bottle): $1/bottle
Dryer Sheets: $1/box
Scented Candle: $1/candle
Fragrance Spray: $1/can
Dishwasher Detergent: $0.10/tablet


2L Soda: $0.50/bottle
Can Soda: $0.20/can
Water: $0.10/bottle
Cereal: $1/box
Condiments: $0.50/bottle
Yogurt: $0.50/cup

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