Stock Up Price

I am frequently asked “What’s a good price for [insert product]?”

When you begin to spend more time looking for good deals, you start to develop key price points that you’re looking to decide if/when you make purchases. When a product reaches a certain price point (with your coupons and/or other savings method), then you should try to stock up on the item. Typically, this is between 50-75% off the normal price. I’ve compiled a few price points below that I look for when I’m trying to stock up on something:

Personal Care

Toothpaste: Free
Mouthwash: Free
Deodorant: $1/stick
Body Wash: $1/bottle
Hair Spray: $1/bottle
Razors: $2/per


Laundry Detergent (1.5L Bottle): $1/bottle
Dryer Sheets: $1/box
Scented Candle: $1/candle
Fragrance Spray: $1/can
Dishwasher Detergent: $0.10/tablet


2L Soda: $0.50/bottle
Can Soda: $0.20/can
Water: $0.10/bottle
Cereal: $1/box
Condiments: $0.50/bottle
Yogurt: $0.50/cup
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