Saving at Target

Being cost conscious at Target can be a full-time job these days it seems! However, once you know the system, you can score some great deals. To get these big savings you have to be patient and methodical - here’s my rundown on how to save at Target.

To score the best possible deal you’ll need to combine savings via three key components as follows:

Target Store Coupons

Target offers in-store coupons through its online coupons page. These come in individual product coupons or as mobile savings coupons. You can easily identify a Target Store Coupon on their coupon website because the top of it will say, “Target Web Coupon.” Just use the toggle at the top of the coupon list to switch between manufacturer and Target store coupons.

Sample Target Web Coupon

Target Cartwheel

Using your iPhone (or other smartphone) you can search for Cartwheel savings through the Cartwheel App. These vary from 5% off to 50% off and typically are available for 2-7 days.

Target Cartwheel Sample Image

Manufacturer Coupons

Add a manufacturer coupon (like the ones from to a Cartwheel offer and a Target Store Coupon and you’ll be saving big!

Sample Web Coupon
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